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We offer you two online sales courses including Lammore’s award-winning, ISMM accredited ‘The Single Sales Principle’ plus ‘6 Steps to Handling Any Objection’.

The Single Sales Principle Online Sales Course

Course overview

The Single Sales Principle online sales course is trained to sales teams throughout the world and is designed to deliver results – and fast. The course exposes many sales myths and helps you to understand the reasons why people buy.

Sales follows a simple formula. No matter which way you look at it, it always comes back to a single, fundamental principle: the Single Sales Principle®, which states that ‘people buy when a compelling need is matched with a credible solution that offers perceived value’. Our online sales course helps you to understand the reasons why people buy, and exposes many sales myths. We also introduce you to the “DECIDE®” sales process, a methodology designed specifically to achieve and maintain results.

Course content

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The Single Sales Principle Online Sales Course Content

This online sales course contains the following sections. Please scroll down the page to view a more detailed breakdown of the ‘DECIDE®’ sales process.

  • An introduction to The Single Sales Principle®
    • The psychology of consultative-based selling
    • Questioning and listening skills to draw out Compelling Needs
    • “Pitching” skills to deliver Credible Solutions
    • Negotiation and closing skills to ensure Perceived Value
  • DECIDE® Part 1 – Define Value Proposition
  • DECIDE® Part 2 – Establish Credibility
  • DECIDE® Part 3 – Confirm Opportunity and Identify Compelling Needs
  • DECIDE® Part 4 – Demonstrate Proposition
  • DECIDE® Part 5 – Ensure Value Perception.

Here’s what you’ll learn during the 6 stages of the DECIDE® sales process:

DECIDE® Part 1
Define Value Proposition

The first part of the sales process occurs prior to meeting the customer. Its purpose is to define your value proposition, specifically for the client you are about to meet/call.

  • Managing your own state
  • Understanding your proposition
  • Linking features and advantages to benefits.

DECIDE® Part 2
Establish Credibility

Engaging with the prospect is vital to gaining their attention and interest. This is achieved by establishing your credibility early on in the sales call.

  • Building rapport
  • Creating confidence
  • Engaging and exciting the client.

DECIDE® Part 3
Confirm Opportunity

To make a recommendation there is certain information that must be obtained from the customer. A Single Principled Salesperson will establish the size of the opportunity ensuring that they maximise their sales time.

  • Questioning skills to extract essential information
  • Listening skills to develop great understanding.

DECIDE® Part 4
Identify Compelling Needs

Needs must be identified prior to presenting the proposition. Single Principled Salespeople also test the importance of the need, identifying whether the need will motivate the buyer into action.

  • Asking open questions
  • Probing through Socratic Questioning techniques
  • Testing buyer motivation.

DECIDE® Part 5
Demonstrate Proposition

The proposition is demonstrated by matching the credible solution to the customer’s compelling needs in a dynamic way.

  • Using “sizzle selling” techniques
  • Focusing on buyer benefits.

DECIDE® Part 6
Ensure Value Perception

The deal is closed when the customer appreciates the perceived value of the proposition. This occurs when the price is in line with the solution match (compelling need/credible solution). If the Single Sales Principle® has been achieved this should be simple as the customer is now ready to buy.

  • Negotiation
  • Objection handling
  • Using “Value Tools” to strengthen value perception.

Course support and how you’re assessed

Support guides

You will receive the following support through the course;

  • Details to access our online learning platform
  • A comprehensive User Guide
  • Tutor Contact Details
  • “The Single Sales Principle® and the 8 Myths of Selling” eBook
  • Assignment Task Workbook (in Word format)
  • Links to help videos
  • FAQs
  • Introductory welcome/induction video
  • Dates for programme webinars/support.

Assignment tasks

There are 31 assignment tasks to complete which you write in a Word document off line and upload to our learning platform for tutor marking and feedback.

Tutor support

You receive a total of 5 hours tutoring throughout the courses including;

Course Webinars
3x one hour video webinars to;

  • Consolidate learning of the relative part of SSP®
  • Relate material directly to the learners’ industry/sector
  • Discuss Assignment Tasks
  • Q&A sessions.

Cost and further information

£995 + VAT

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Continued learning and development

Once you’ve completed either of our online sales courses your sales development doesn’t just stop. We’ll continue to enhance your sales development by giving your free Single Sales Principle Membership. Single Sales Principle® Membership ensures that the knowledge and skills you obtained during your course are not only remembered, but are continually improved upon. You’ll have access to weekly live sales Masterclass webinars where we develop advanced selling skills. You’; also be able to learn from the experience of others using our interactive Members forum. You can see how others apply sales skills and raise topics and questions for discussion.

6 Steps to Handling any Objection

Course overview

This course will show you how to get from a ‘NO‘ to a ‘YES‘.

The course will give you a simple process to follow to handle any objection. This will improve your conversion rate and allow you to close the deals you’re not winning.

The 6 steps come from our award-winning sales programme, The Single Sales Principle (see above course). Having delivered to thousands of students across the world, we have the experience and ability to get you to where you want to be, which is WINNING!

What will you learn on this course?

  • Identify the 6 Steps to Objection Handling
  • Be able to evaluate any objection
  • Turn negative objections into positive language
  • Be able to show empathy, getting the customer on your side
  • Be able to answer the right objection
  • Know how to test whether the objection is real
  • Be able to gain commitment from a customer
  • Receive ongoing support in the forum
  • Download a free copy of the Award-Winning Single Sales Principle book
  • Gain free access to a wide range of sales skills videos
  • Feel more confident when handling objections.



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