Finance for non finance managers course

As the title suggests, our finance for non finance managers course is aimed specifically at non finance managers.

We firmly believe that financial understanding throughout an organisation can lead to far better, far smarter decisions, and far better relationships with customers, suppliers and partner organisations.

Course introduction

Unfortunately, in many organisations, finance is seen as rather a “dark art”. There are extensive misunderstandings between finance teams and the rest of the organisation, and non-finance managers tend to shy away from financial concepts. This makes it tougher to link operational decision-making with financial understanding.

Finance courses are often approached with rather a lot of trepidation. A combination of expectations about being bored and bamboozled at the same time tends to put people off!

At Lammore, we hold true to our guiding principles to Inspire, Entertain and Make a Difference on our finance programmes just as we do on all our other programmes.

Financial understanding is essential for anyone in any sort of operation where commercial or budgetary decisions need to be made. People who understand the basic principles can ask better questions, gain clearer insights, evaluate options coherently, and ultimately be more successful.

Who is the course for?

Our Finance for Non Finance Managers courses are designed specifically to help these groups, amongst others:

  • Operations managers who have budgetary, P&L or project responsibility
  • Sales managers who deal with big-ticket items and need to understand their customers’ financial decision making
  • Senior managers/directors who need to make investment decisions
  • Organisations who want to extend accountability for financial success to everyone.

Course content

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Two Day Finance Fundamentals Programme

This programme combines theory and practice. The theory sessions are integrated with a business scenario used for group exercises.

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • How people look at numbers
  • Core financial reports
  • Understanding a business from its numbers.

Day 2

  • Building a business – workshop
  • Evaluating decisions
  • Presenting with financial data.

Two Day Finance for Sales Programme

Designed for higher-level sales people, this programme develops financial understanding to deliver credibility through high-value sales processes.

Day 1

  • Introduction & “what don’t you get?”
  • Key company financial data
  • Interpreting business performance from company reports, analysts reports and publicly available statistics.

Day 2

  • Interpreting the financial news
  • Converting numbers into stories
  • Holding financial conversations
  • Understanding financial decision-making criteria.