Corporate Social Responsibility Training

Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, is something all great organisations know they should be doing.

But there are a couple of fundamental challenges that can limit involvement, such as “how do I find the right projects?” or “how do I make sure it delivers real benefit for my people?”

This is where we can help!

In addition to sourcing appropriate projects, from short term to long term ones, we ensure that skills are built throughout the Corporate Social Responsibility process. We can develop coaching and mentoring skills and then let your people loose in organisations that would really value them; we can develop leadership, communication or financial management skills so that you can do the same for others; or, as was the case in the video example below, we can provide theoretical and experiential training in project management and teamwork, and then have a fantastic couple of days helping a local charity. Turn your sound up and play the clip below…!

Case Study: Nestlé at Horticap

The purpose of this teambuild was twofold: to develop team spirit, and to understand what critical factors are needed for this group to work brilliantly together. To do this, we ran the project as follows:

  • Two months before the actual project, it was launched to the team. A private online micro-site was created so that they could share ideas and resources, plan what they wanted to do, source materials and communicate easily with us and each other
  • Site visits were arranged to scope out the necessary work and identify further tools, equipment, and expertise that would be required
  • Deadlines were put in place for the group to submit their plans for evaluation
  • Follow-up sessions were planned to ensure that the group could identify the factors that helped them work so well together, and then translate those back into their day-to-day working environment.