The Single Sales Principle® is a flagship, award-winning, holistic sales training program, based on the book by Lammore founder Mark Blackmore.

For front-line sales professionals, we offer four focused skills-based training programs.

Four tailored training programs for senior sales professionals responsible for large account sales development and relationships.

Programs designed for current and aspiring sales managers who wish to create optimum performance from their teams.

‘The Virtual Sales Coach’ is a subscription-based service giving access to a wide range of sales training videos, articles and other resources.

Sales Programs

The Sales Program curriculum is offered in three delivery formats: online only, online with live tutor support, and online with live tutor support and written assessments. The Single Sales Principle® Program is also offered as a traditional classroom-based program.

The live tutor supported assessment option provides complete verification of the knowledge transfer experience. All assessments are marked by tutors accredited with the Institute of Sales Management, and successful completion will provide the learner with certification from the awarding body.

All programs come complete with a subscription to ManagementDirect, the leading online curated content portal, for the duration of the program. This provides great additional resources to aid and enhance the learning experience.

Watch the Lammore ‘8 Myths of Selling’ video