About Lammore

Lammore recognizes that, of all the competitive advantages that your business has, the most important is the ability and desire of your people to put your company strategies into action. Lammore is an award-winning sales and leadership & management training company, with offices in the United Kingdom and the USA, created and run to help you develop and maintain those abilities and that desire.

Organizations spanning many industry sectors and global geographies utilize Lammore to add real business benefit and advantage through creating and supporting a continuous and sustainable learning and development process.

Our process of building a relationship with you, no matter your size or need, is informative and educational. Our programs are created in such a way that they are modular by design and take advantage of the many productivity and content accessibility benefits that technology provides, while also utilizing the tried and traditional practice of a tutor led approach but in an online environment.

Being accredited by the UK awarding bodies the Chartered Management Institute and the Institute of Sales Management, our content, tutors and delivery process is regulated and adheres to a strict set of standards that is the benchmark for quality and most importantly fulfilling our responsibility to provide an effective and enjoyable knowledge transfer process.

Learning and development is never a one-time event. It is an ongoing method for the betterment of our people, both as individuals and as a group, with the sole purpose to positively impact our corporate goals. Lammore’s philosophy and solutions, in different ways, will ultimately enhance the bottom line and do so in a manner that meets time, productivity and fiscal parameters.