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Chapter 3 – The Single Principled Salesperson

“Bond is an enigma. He`s smooth and bigger than life, but he`s vague as a personality.”
Pierce Brosnan (Actor who played 007)

Jim Collins defined great leaders as ‘Level 5’ leaders in Good to Great. A Level 5 leader, he wrote, displays a “paradoxical blend of personal humility and professional will inspiring others via inspired standards – excellence, hard work and integrity, not with an inspiring charismatic persona.”

The same can very often be said of Single Principled Salespeople.

Spotting a Single Principled Salesperson in a crowd is a challenge because they just don’t look or sound like salespeople. Think of a typical salesperson and you imagine a confident, loud, ‘life and soul of the party’ type of person.

Single Principled Salespeople, however, come in a range of guises. Some are gregarious, some are withdrawn. Some put in the hours. Some stroll to victory. Some are process-driven; some go with the flow.

A Single Principled Salesperson often behaves like a maverick. They frequently rebel against the company line because they don’t follow the prescribed processes and scripts. To the untrained eye their sales approach may come across as unconventional. But when analysed, there is a common thread that runs through every one of their sales calls: they all follow the Single Sales Principle®.

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