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Auto Enrolment Solution

This one day course in Leeds will provide you with a credible Auto Enrolment solution.

In partnership with Workplace Pensions Direct, this course will help you to build your client relationships on a solid foundation of compliance with the ‘Single Sales Principle’ workshop.

As a result of the day you will:

  • know how to deliver your pitch
  • be able to show that you’re up for the task
  • have a credible Auto Enrolment solution
  • have opportunities to add real value for your client.

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SSP Membership

SSP Membership

Why should I sign up for the full SSP Membership?

I guess the best place would be to start by looking at what you get for free.

1. Weekly Master Classes

The main point from a full and free members point of view is the weekly master classes. These sessions firstly look at the Single Sales Principle and how to improve your performance using some simple but powerful skills. Secondly we look at issues sales people face and address them head on.

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Funding for Core Skills Training

Up to 50% funding for core skills training is now available through Lammore Consulting.

Do you meet the criteria for funding?

Receive up to halve of your training costs for core skills training. If you’re based in any of the regions shown in the map below, have an annual turnover of less than £40 million and have less than 250 employees, then you meet the criteria.

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The key to creating quality conversations

Article Title: Creating Quality Conversations

The key to creating quality conversations

It’s an undeniable fact that the world of sales has changed dramatically over the last few years. Like many industries, the digital age, and more over the advent of the inconceivable popularity of social media has had probably the largest effect on the sales process since it really came to fruition. Now, those old tried and tested selling techniques simply won’t work the way they used to. The hard sell is practically a thing of the past and the phone lines and shop floors up and down the country are having to readapt. So. Have you readapted? Have you upped your game to make sure your clients don’t think you’re trailing behind? If not, here’s our top tip on how to get off the starting line.

With the previous landscape so erroneously disavowed, we have to look at what exactly has changed in the minds of the customer to deduce what we can do about it.

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How to create a digital marketing strategy

Post Title: How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy
Presenter: Johnny Cockcroft
Format: Video

How to create a digital marketing strategy and the processes you need to follow before embarking on any marketing

In this webcast, Lammore Consulting Marketing Manager, Johnny Cockcroft explores the tools, processes and resources that we need to follow in order to create a digital strategy.

The webcast looks at:

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Chapter 4 – The Decide Sales Process

Exposing Sales Myth #1: ABC – Always Be Closing

Chapter 4

  “I am the world’s worst salesman…. I must make it easy for people to buy.”

Gene Fowler (American Journalist)

Ronnie the Rep:

“If a salesperson isn’t closing, they’re not selling. I know every type of close ever written, and a few more besides! I once used the pressure of silence on a close and stared the customer out for 10 minutes! We both knew that whoever ‘broke and spoke’ first would lose. Needless to say, the customer buckled!

I am closing the minute the prospect picks up the phone. Each close gets me closer to the yes, and each yes gets me closer to signing the deal.”

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What Is Sales Training?

Having spent best part of the 21st Century running and delivering sales training, I’ve been asked plenty of questions over the years.

Here are some of the ones that are printable in public!

What is sales training?

There are no natural born salespeople (and if someone tells you they are they are proving my point!).

Top performing sales people need the skill (the ‘how’) the will (the ‘why’) and the know-how (the what) to deliver. Training can enhance an individual’s skills level, help develop their product knowledge, and help them understand the principles of motivation.

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Read The Egg Farmer sales article

The Egg Farmer

Article Title: The Egg Farmer
Author: Mark Blackmore

Technology and automation means sales managers can measure and analyse their team’s performance better than ever before. But is spending more time on your laptop the best way of influencing the performance of your salespeople? The following fable might just have the answer.

Once upon a time there lived an egg farmer. But he was no ordinary egg farmer. He had special eggs, and the reason that his eggs were so special was that he had special hens. Indeed, he was a special egg farmer.

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Free training sessions available in the UK

Do you qualify for a free training session?

Lammore appreciate that it can be difficult choosing the right training provider. It’s so easy to get sold on what you believe to be the next big thing that is going to transform your business into a revenue machine. Can you relate? We’re offering the chance to ‘try before you buy’ using a free training session that’s tailored to your business.

Lammore deliver the highest standard of training and our clients give us an average score between 9.1 – 9.5. Why take our word for it. We’re giving businesses the opportunity to try before you buy. There is no charge and you’re under no obligation to book training with us in the future.

We will come to your business and deliver a three hour session in either sales or customer service. The session can run whenever and wherever you like within the UK.

Do you qualify?

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Customer Service Survey

Customer Service Survey

Read our latest customer service survey, by Lammore Consulting.

Why not download our Customer Service Survey PDF.

5 simple steps to 5 star customer service

What is the main cause of poor customer service?

Let’s explore 13 areas and see if you agree…

Customer Service Survey the Research

Our customer service survey asked the following questions.

What was the biggest cause of poor customer service: attitude of staff or something going wrong?
We gave a number of options. Some were rational, process reasons e.g. overcharged, order was wrong, took too long. Others were more emotional, and focused on the attitude of the person/company serving them e.g. unprofessional, unfriendly, inattentive or impolite.

By far, the highest reasons given were due to the attitude. 39% of respondents stated it was due to the way they were treated, not what was delivered. The attitude of the staff is a fundamental factor in how someone perceived their experience. And the older you get, the more important it becomes. Politeness, paying attention to you and giving eye contact were factors that were rated more highly as each age group progressed.

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